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Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 44289851
Closing Date 22 - Jun - 2021  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Rate contract for supply of hospital consumables - air / room freshner, soap laundry (half bar)-501 bar, toilet soap / bath soap, duster, chindhi / sponge cloth / swap floor, mop, hint cloth, soft broom, hard broom / goa broom, rotahaler, king fog, sharp container 7 ltrs. (big), sharp container 1 ltrs. (small), pencil cell, marker pen, parasafe bottles 1 ltr., sterlization wrap (wrapping paper), spirit ( ordinary denature ) 5 ltr. can, sodium hypocloride 50 ltr. can, sterelium / labsept bactoguard 100 ml, bottle, oderex c ( pheynol/lysol ) 5 ltr can, bionil (envishield) 5 ltr. can, dettol / septol 5 ltr can, savalon 5 ltr. can, soft soap 5 ltr can, liquid soap 5 ltr can, shaving blade, bread box-plastic box, plastic dustbin / buckets 10 ltr., plastic mug 1 ltr, laringoscope bulb, gas lighter long size, teri wiper, lock and key, bleaching powder 25 kg, b.p. bulb/valve, rubber bag, b.p. apparatase, scissors medium, sleeper no. 7,8,, sterizime 500 ml bottle, correm, breez/glucostip/hgt, pen drive 16 gb, wall clock, stethescope, corrugated drainage sheet, sterlization reel, gunny bags, match b0x, red bag, blue bag, yellow bag, black bag, disposable glass, disposable one used bedsheet, bouffant cap, dia flow, body bag, paper plate (q-plate), face shield, disposable meal plate, sanitizer 500ml, machine oil 1 ltr can, timer, paraffin wax 1kg, cotton rope 25 mtr, thermos, pin & ligature cutter, distal end cutter, hub cutter ( needle cutter ), needle holder, needle 22 x1, disposable needle 25g x 1, b.d.precesion disposable needle 25g x, 1 inch, needle & syringe destroyer, spinal needle 25g x 3.5, spinal needle 23g, scorpion needle mayo ( multifire ), spinal needle 26g x 3.5, nerve locator needle ( stimuplex -, brand cook ), needle for biopsy scan - 18g, needle for biopsy scan - 22g, epidural needles (all sizes), freedom rm tot needles, nephrostomy needles, glucometer needle (fine point, lancets), piles injector (needle no. 20), disposable syringe 2 ml, b.d. luer lock syringe 5 ml, disposable syringe 5 ml, disposable syringe 10 ml, disposable syringe 20 ml, disposable syringe 50 ml, opsite post-op 6.5 x 5cm, disposable insulin syringe (100 / 40, units), b.d. luer lock syringe 1 ml, asepto suringe pump plastic, glass syringe 5 ml ( all ) leur lock, mouth, b.d. leur lock syringe 20 ml, b.d. leur lock syringe 10 ml, flowable composite (anaband) 10, syringes, air bed /air cushion, ambu bag / vacuum suction set, bivalve connection ( three way stop, cock ), blood transfusion set, c.v.p. line ( c.v.c. set, aero c.v. triple), arrow triple, co2 water trap with tube, cord clamp, cse set (portex), endotrachel tube plain, portex size 6.5, endotrachel tube plain, portex size, 5.5, endotrachel tube with cuffed, various sizes 7, endotrachel tube with cuffed, various sizes 7.5, endotrachel tube with cuffed, various sizes 8.0, enima catheter/enima kit, flow regulator, flow regulator iv, folleys catheter no. 12, folleys catheter no. 18, folleys catheter no. 20, folleys catheter no. 22, folleys catheter urine catheno., 14, folleys catheter urine catheter no., 16, gum bougie fr.15 airways, high concentration mask o2 100%, medicam concentration o2 mask, adult br. hudson high concentrate mask, hiv kit, u-drain (medium), hme / buf filter airway, hot water bags, i.v.cannula / i.v.catheter/jelco no. 18g, i.v.cannula / i.v.catheter/jelco no. 20g, i.v.cannula / i.v.catheter/jelco no. 22g, i.v.cannula / i.v.catheter/jelco no. 24g, i.v.cannula / i.v.catheter/jelco no. 24g, i.v.set/infusion set, infant feeding tube size 6fg, infant feeding tube size 8fg, m.l.scopy( size 4, m.l.scopy( size 5, m.l.scopy( size 6, microset, microdrip set, n-95 mask, nasal cannula airways/nasal, cannula for o2 therapy, nebuliser ( adult with mask & tube), nebuliser ( paediatric, with mask &, tube), nelaton catheter no. 10, nelaton catheter no. 12, nelaton catheter no. 14, nelaton catheter no. 16, nelaton catheter no. 18, nelaton catheter no. 22, nelaton catheter no. 6, nelaton catheter no. 8, nibp cuff/ nibp monitor, o2 flow meter twin flow meter, polyvac suction set 10 & 14, ppe kit jumper, ppe kit wraparound, rapid rhino 7.5 cm antiposterior, nasal pac, reinforced armoured tube (, flexometalic ) no. 6, reinforced armoured tube (, flexometalic ) no. 6.5, reinforced armoured tube (, flexometalic ) no. 7, reinforced armoured tube (, flexometalic ) no. 7.5, ryles tube no. 12, ryles tube no. 14, ryles tube no. 16, ryles tube no. 18, ryles tube no. 22, ryles tube no. 6, ryles tube no. 8, silicon tube /pipe, sodium satelid tube, spo2 cable, suction catheter no. 10, suction catheter no. 12, suction catheter no. 14, three way stop cock with extension, tube with extension no. 25, three way stop cock with extension, tube with extension no. 50, top scalp vein set no. 21g,, top scalp vein set no. 22g, top scalp vein set no. 23g, turp loop, urine drainage bag , urosac bag, vario drainage system / drainage, system 12,14,16 (20nos each size), vario draina
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 44189136
Closing Date 17 - Jun - 2021  |  3 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of spares for bhel make 700 hp diesel electric, locomotive “ l “ type composite and aspestos free brake shoes.
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