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Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 37969670
Closing Date 30 - Dec - 2020  |  266 Days to go View Tender Details
Hiring of light, sound, camera equipments for 21st bharat rang mahotsav 2020 being organized by nsd from 1st february to 21st february, 2020 or any other festival thereafter, 60" lcd/plasma (with stand) laptop (windows-7, process.i3, 4 gb ram, hd 500 gb, ati radeon graphic) vga switcher long vga cables (25 to 50 m) short cable (5 m) other accessories, 50" lcd/plasma (with stand), projector, projector (5,000 lumens, sanyo™ or equivalent) laptop (windows-7, process. i3, 4 gb ram, hd 500 gb, ati radeon graphic) vga switcher long vga cable (25 to 50 m) short cable (5 m) other accessories, c.d. player (denon™ /tascam™, single tray), twin cd player (denon™/tascam™), microphone (shure™ sm 57/58), cordless mic lapel (uhf, shure™/sennheiser™ or equivalent), cordless mic handset (uhf, shure™/sennheiser™ or equivalent), foot-mic crown pcc –160, hanging mic mx 202 /chm 99(shure™, akg™- or equivalent), goose neck mic (shure™ or equivalent), mic (mkh-416, gun, sennheiser™), condenser mic (akg™-451, c-1000 shure sm81 or equivalent), head-worn mic (countryman™ or equivalent), drum kit mic set (shure™, akg™ or equivalent), effect processor (yamaha™, spx 2000, lexicon™ or equivalent), graphic equalizer (31 band dual channel) (bss/dbx), mp3 player sony or equivalent, guitar amplifier (marshal/fender/behringer or equivalent), di box( bss/ or equivalent), monitor speaker active(jbl/rcf/d&b)500-750 watts, speaker full range with matching amplifier 1000 watts(jbl/rcf/d&b), two way speaker (top) 750/1000 watts (jbl/rcf/d&b)(active) or with matching amplifier, base bin sub single 18 inches active 1000 watts (jbl/rcf/d&b), base bin sub double 18 inches active 2000 watts (jbl/rcf/d&b), projector, lcd tvs, profile 750 watt 19 degree ,26 degree, 36 degree, 50 degree ,with iris & go bo holder, zoom profile 750 watt (25-50 degree), par 64 1000 watt (cp-61/cp62), led cyclorama flood light 3 watt (rgb), moving head 575 watt, beam light/sharpy 5r), (7r), smoke machine – (dmx), haze machine – (dmx), low fog, led light (palco) sgm, wall washer-rgb. dmx, blinder – 120v/650 watt-4, blinder- rgb-4.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Telangana Tenders Ref.No 39120669
Closing Date 16 - Apr - 2020  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Key locking solid thread insert.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value Rs. 2 Million / 20 Lakh
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 39188014
Closing Date 09 - Apr - 2020  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply, testing, installation & commissioning of equipment / instrument, surface plate 45 x45 cms, oil can 500 ml, surface gauge universal 150 mm, bench vice 150 to 300 mm jaw, hack saw tubular metal frame adjustable 300mm, snip sheet metal straight nose 200 mm, snip sheet metal curved nose 200 mm, anvil 100x200mm, stakes [ different types] 100mm, tin smith 400mm, wooden mallet /nylon mallet 500 gm good finish, round punch 3mm,4mm,6mm, electrical drill portable drill with chuck and key capacity 6.4mm, screw driver, plastic handle, 6mm tip length 100mm to 150mm, screw driver, plastic handle, flat tip 10mm tip length 200mm & 250mm, philips screw driver - complete set in leather case, screw driver, plastic handle, flat tip handle 3mm tip length 100mm to 150mm insulated, soldering iron exchangeable copper tip 65 watts, knife folded stainless steel - 150mm, tong tester (clamp on multimeter) 0-10-30 amps 0-500 v, tenon saw 250 mm, firmer chisel 6,12,25mm, rawal plug tool 6 mm, fire extinguisher abc dry powder type 2 kg capacity, fire buckets 10 litre, d.e spanner 6-32 mm, ring spanner 6 -32 mm, quick couples, process tube adopter ¼” & 3/8”, tong close mouth and pick, welding table for gas/arc 1200x760, flaring tool set, single type for tube. 4.7mm to 16mm o.d, swaging tool, punch type, set of size for tube. 4.7mm to 16mm o.d, bending spring external type, for copper tube 3mm to 16mm dia, pipe cutter miniature for copper tube 3mm to 16mm dia, pinch of tool, for copper tube, 6mm to 18mm dia, ratchet spanner 6.4 reversible, capillary plug gauge, piercing pliers & reversing valve with access fitting 6-18mm, spanner double ended 4.7mm to 16mm, ring spanner off set 4.7mm to 16mm, wrench adjustable length 150mm, wrench adjustable length 200mm, wrench adjustable length 250mm, valve key handle[treated as consumable] 4.7mm & 6.4mm sq., (hollo) punch hole for cutting gasket 4.7-16mm die, scissor, gasket cutting stainless steel length 25mm, l-allen key set size 1.5mm to 6.4mm, t-allen key set size 5/32" to 1/8", pipe cutter with built in reamer and space cutter, for copper tube 3mm to 32mm, pipe /tube bender lever type 3-16 mm, spanner double ended 19mm to 31.8 mm, pipe wrench size 50mm to 150mm, lapping plate 250mm x 200mm, hammer ball peen 450 gms, puller 3 legged with flexible arm 300 mm, hand blower portable complete 1/10 hp, spirit level precision metallic 200mm, tap set with matching drills 3 mm to 16mm, tap set with matching drills v to 5/8", refrigerant cylinder 2.5 kg, heating kit with infrared bulb (200 w capacity), plumbing hammer weight 200 gm, cylinder 134 a 5 kg, torque wrench 300mm-12.7mm, piercing valve ¼ inch, feeler gauge 0.05mm to 1mm, four way reversible valve, vernier height gauge 300mm ,lc 0.02, tape measuring graduation in mm - 2 m, voltmeter, ac/dc portable precision grade digital panel board type 0 to 500 volt, ammeter, ac/dc portable precision grade digital panel board type 0 to 30 amp, megger 1000v, wattmeter multi-range up 1 kw, multi meter digital type, k.w. meter 0 -1 k w, service oscillator , c.r.o single beam 5 mhz, c.r.o dual trace/ double beam 60 mhz, a.f.o oscillators, pressure gauge digital type diameter 63mm with recalibration set, compound gauge, digital type diameter 63mm, with recalibration set screw, scale vacuum 760mm. pressure 15 kg/, service man thermometer in metal case - 300c to +1100 c, gas leak detector for halogen gas, electronic leak detector, sling psychro meter mounted on aluminum back, scale -100 c to +1100 c, stop watch, vernier caliper length 250mm, micrometer outside measurement 0 to 25mm, multi meter analogue type, tachometer digital, multi range 0 r m p to 3000 r m p. portable small size in leather case, micron vacuum gauge capable of reading up to 20 microns, sensor thermometer (digital) -50 degree celsius to150 degree celsius, fin straightened/fin comb with strong steel wire based combing on wood, filler gauge 0.05 mm - 1 mm, wire gauge metric & british steel plate embossing converse of british & metric, dial thermometer remote control, armored capillary dial 75mm - 50c to +50 c, anemometer digital type, compressors testers for small hermetic compressors fixed with electrical input/ output indicating facilities, digital thermometer graduated disc analogy type, temperature &humidity recorder capacity to record 24 hrs record, instrumentation screw driver set 100mm, digital weighing machine 100 kg for mechanic refrigeration & air conditioner trade courses at subhasnagar government industrial training institute, bengai.
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