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Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 44365852
Closing Date 21 - Jun - 2021  |  7 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of stopper assembly chain
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 44195005
Closing Date 16 - Jun - 2021  |  2 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 168 items, pump service kite, o-ringea6010b-22340138, ctrl card (dcu 41 x card)ea6010b-9960000000, o-ringea6010b-64100, springea6010b-62763, packingea6010b-62013-00, connecting hoseea6010b-1764008-02, o ringea6010b-223406-14, plug for brake with sleeveea6010b-14462, ball bearingea6010b-233213-50, nut for capea6010b-54605702, screwea6010b-2210941-17, seal ringea6010b-61369, 'o' ringea6010b-42151-00, gasketea6010b-521933-01, bowl spindleea6010b-522988-01, seal washerea6010b-526704-01, packingea6010b-8821-00, iner mediate service kitea6010b-589881-02, ball bearingea6010b-9574, screwea6010b-22158513, o ringea6010b-223406-30, seal ringea6010b-223406-40, pinea6010b-222119-10, seal ringea6010b-223521-17, shear-pin couplingea6010b-529207-01, coupling shearea6010b-52920701, rubber ringea6010b-68085-00, washerea6010b-70492, seal ringea6010b-73547-00, glass tubeea6010b-73921-00, `o' ringea6010b-74067-00, ring rubber smallea6010b-38411, seal ringea6010b-519548-01, glassea6010b-519549-01, gasketea6010b-543662-02, self aligning ball brg. no.2201ea6010b-957400, seal ringea6010b-517671-01, packingea6010b-518470-01, bowl spindleea6010b-522988-02, ball bearing 6202ea6010b-12481, nutea6010b-14466-00, screwea6010b-2212601-06, o-ringea6010b-223402-54, o ringea6010b-223412-54, spring id 9.25mm wire dia 1.14mm,free length 32 mmea6010b-226214-70, seal ringea6010b-38710, worm wheel with pinea6010b-44201091, friction padea6010b-518478-80, shaft worm wheel completeea6010b-53143080, keyea6010b-541405-01, pressure gauge and 2 nd stageea6010b-543054-01, bushingea6010b-5569, seal ring (2390)ea6010b-65201, packingea6010b-190609, sight glassea6010b-526520-01, seal ringea6010b-519550-01, seal ring pressure gaugeea6010b-223431-02, seal ringea6010b-22352117, pad friction complete for brake shoeea6010b-518478-82, rectangular ringea6010b-65235-00, springea6010b-226214-13, lampea6010b-519761-06, ball bearingea6010b-12174, spilt pinea6010b-16434, seal ringea6010b-223401-30, seal ringea6010b-223412-06, seal ringea6010b-223521-14, springea6010b-226214-64, seal lipea6010b-3051621005, washer oil fitting & drain screw (packing)ea6010b-37402-00, sight glassea6010b-517843-01, ring spacingea6010b-518483-01, gasketea6010b-543612-01, loctiteea6010b-544465-02, spring for breakea6010b-62751-00, flow valveea3983b-1766037-04, flow valveea3983b-1766037-05, flow valveea3983b-1766037-08, seal ringea6010b-14238, seal ringea6010b-223401-38, seal ring for coupling pulleyea6010b-223406-03, o ringea6010b-223412-02, seal ringea6010b-223521-11, springea6010b-226214-33, springea6010b-226214-68, pinea6010b-323-00, o ring packingea6010b-3951800, worm wheel 60 c/sea6010b-44201096, impeller for pump with long shaftea6010b-44201517, impeller for pump with short shaftea6010b-44201518, wheel pump ( short shaft)ea6010b-523615-01, seal ringea6010b-64702, round nut skf km5ea6010b-67472-00, screw bufferea6010b-2210947-04, o ringea6010b-223406-35, o ringea6010b-223412-49, seal ringea6010b-223436-17, seal ringea6010b-223521-12, seal ringea6010b-30675, o ring rub3034-71 dia8.6x391.4 mmart3909900d260172ea6010b-39099-00, worm wheelea6010b-44201090, worm wheelea6010b-515799-02, impellerea6010b-523613-01, bushingea6010b-526692-02, shaft of worm wheelea6010b-526752-81, coupling pulley completeea6010b-527766-80, wear gasketea6010b-535743-02, o rinmgea6010b-70940-00, cap upperea6010b-71126-00, o ringea6010b-223406-20, screw stopea6010b-2211725-06, o-ringea6010b-223403-16, cap seal protectingea6010b-223408-04, sight glassea6010b-32641-00, o-ringea6010b-33336, springea6010b-33355-00, sight glassea6010b-37166, valve coneea6010b-523673-01, worm wheel shaftea6010b-526690-81, ring joint rulen gasketea6010b-535743-04, glass tubeea6010b-540223-01, major service kityea6010b-546670-04, spring washerea6010b-62094, bufferea6010b-62762, o ring rub3034-71dia6.3x124.7artno69270drg260124ea6010b-69270-00, connector for selenoid valveea3983b-569712-01, flat beltea3983b-260169-51, friction elementea3983b-544060-01, temp sensorea3983b-597256-01, pressure transmitterea3983b-901552305, control card (dcu 41 x card)ea3983b-9960000000, rubber bufferea6010b-543619-80, ball bearingea6010b-548051-05, cap lowerea6010b-71125-00, o ringea6010b-61369-00, packingea6010b-62013, seal ring 444202330ea6010b-11905-00, hight adjusting ring for mopx306ea6010b-519607-03, worm wheelea6010b-526723-85, flow valveea6010b-1766037-08, major service kitea6010b-558843-01, gear wheelea6010b-33072, gear wheelea6010b-33071, flow valveea6010b-1766037-05, flow valveea6010b-1766037-04, belt tightnerea6010b-545856-80, wormea6010b-518441-09, service kit for pumpea6010b-547965-03, intermediate service kitea6010b-558842-01, rectangular ringea6010b-223436-02, impeller for pump with short shaftea6010b-44201518, impellerea6010b-523613-01, rubber ringea6010b-64101, screwea6010b-8341, packingea6010b-8392-00, brake spindleea6010b-14463-00, springea6010b-14464-00, handleea6010b-14465, tube pinea6010b-22211914, interactive washerea6010b-62761-00,
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 44195038
Closing Date 16 - Jun - 2021  |  2 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 19 items, slide strip , bearing extending cylinder , slide bush retracting device sctt 70, return filter tef 210.10vg.16.s.p.g.3.e5 ep4575d-35181, return filter tef 55.10vg.16.s.p.g.6.e5 ep4575d-35182, circlip j105x4din472 ep4575d-00472-000-105-4, ge70 bushed sperical bearing ep4575d-10505, sewing ring cb-i-1345-a-4-00 ep4575d-19950, gasket ff300iec 160 & 180 ep4575d-3h-101438, roll 210-l=270 ep4575d-3l-100762, gasket ff300iec 160 & 180 ep4575d-3l-102145, slide bearing dia 30 with shoulder ep4575d-3p-100026, gasket lid pedestal ep4575d-3p-1000541, gasket lid front ep4575d-3p-1012348, gasket lid aft ep4575d-3p-1012349, pinion slewing drive sct 70 ep4575d-3sct-70-w-39, distance ring iuffing cylinder jib end ep4575d-3sctt-70-w-236, sheave 18-20mm 380(440) ep4575d-3s-sh-20-71, over haul ball ub500-s top swivel swl6.3 ep4575d-42001
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